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Paul serves as the Senior Pastor of Gateway Christian Family Church. Paul is a pharmacist who left the profession and went on to become the Founder and President of an international ministry with a large church in Cape Town and a number of church’s worldwide. He also founded a Bible School that graduated students from several nations which led to the establishment of a Leadership Institute that trained leaders to take the Way and Will of God into all life.

After a ten-year sabbatical and a season of immense brokenness, healing and restoration, Paul has returned to ministry in response to the clear call of God for his return. This call was attested to by several other senior ministers of God in South Africa and abroad. Paul serves as an ordained minister of Christian Family Church International.

Joseph P Daniel - Endorsements


In 1988 we laid hands on Joseph Paul Daniel and sent him to Cape Town to plant a church, which eventually became a large international ministry. Under Pastor Paul’s leadership, this ministry became one of the greatest ministries God has ever raised up in South Africa. During his years at the helm, the apostolic office and anointing became evident. I give full credit to my son in the Lord for his faithfulness, commitment and obedience to God. Only eternity will reveal the true fruit of his work! I’m thrilled that after a leave of absence from the ministry, Pastor Paul launched “Gateway Christian Family Church” in 2014. I wholeheartedly endorse and support Paul in this new venture and am fully persuaded that the good work which God began in him will be completed to His glory and honour. Paul is more than qualified by God’s grace to finish his race in Jesus' name and to God’s glory. Pastor Paul has been my greatest joy and given me many reasons to be proud of him as a spiritual son.

Dr Henry Wolmarans PhD; D.Min


As a young church leader in Pretoria, I was invited to a SYMSA event hosted by Pastor Joseph Paul Daniel. That, I can unequivocally say, transformed my life. I am forever indebted to having had the privilege of being challenged then to position our church and ministry as an instrument of Grace within the community. Paul has undoubtedly led the charge in our nation in stimulating the understanding of the Kingdom mandate through the local church.

Alan Platt
Visionary Leader Doxa Deo & City Changers Movement


I met Joseph Paul Daniel a number of years ago during a joint venture in Christ-Centered higher education.  The calling on his life was undeniable.  We quickly became friends based on a mutual love for God, His Word and His people.  Hearing the news that the Lord had called Paul back into full time ministry after more than a decade of absence is not only a victory for him personally, but for the whole body of Christ. As a spiritual father, I believe the best of his ministry years are yet to come; raising up spiritual sons and daughters not only in church, but also in all walks of society. It is a privilege to know him and serve alongside him in the Kingdom!

Marcel Hattingh
Director – City Changers Institute


It gives me great pleasure to endorse Pastor Joseph Paul Daniel, a minister of the Gospel who is deeply committed and driven to see lives changed by the Word of God. He teaches Biblical Truth with unparalleled expository and teaching skill. His knowledge of the Word, coupled with a sound Biblical Worldview make him a great mentor to others. He pioneered and still runs one of the finest Bible Schools in South Africa. His teachings have impacted the lives of thousands of Christians. It is a privilege to be associated with him.

Erin Georgiou
JOY! Magazine


Pastor Joseph Paul Daniel is truly a Spiritual father in South Africa. He understands the call and has the heart of a true father. He is a good friend and mentor with so much wisdom and understanding. To sit under his counsel is a great blessing. Pastor Paul's heart is open to the pastors in this country and he is strict on principals. He is a great man of God, possesses a powerful Apostolic anointing and is filled with love and understanding. We, as a ministry, salute this General in the spirit.

Marius Higgins


Pastor Joseph Paul Daniel is a dear friend and man of God who has been formed and shaped by the Lord. He is one of the greatest voices in my life. He is submitted to the hand of God and, as a result, carries a purity of the anointing like few others. It is my honour to endorse him and his dear wife as true people of God. I find Pastor Paul to be a humble man, having a flow of wisdom and experience that is truly remarkable. I am blessed by God to have the honour of knowing this dear couple and I am looking forward to see how eternity will be impacted through their lives.

Dr. Hermann Strydom
Living Grace Community Church


In the year of 2012, God gave me a prophetic dream concerning Pastor Joseph Paul Daniel. Through that dream, the Lord called me to support and encourage him back into full-time ministry.  The dream proved to be a confirmation to what God was already doing in his life at that time. There is no doubt in my mind that Paul is called and anointed by God into the five-fold ministry.

Andreas Kyriacou
Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship


I thank God for the day that Pastor Joseph Paul Daniel got “injected” into my life. His teachings, heart and soul have changed my life, perceptions and my views on the true meaning of grace, restoration and humility forever.  Paul is a living example of the Power and the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that is able to restore and re-establish any soul. The story of Saul of Tarsus, becoming Paul, rings a very familiar tone. Paul possesses a deep knowledge of the Word of God and adopts an uncompromising stance when preaching the Gospel. Never in all my years of listening to Paul have I ever heard him preach prosperity at the cost of truth. Paul is a true man of God, a humble teacher of God’s Word.

Ruan Malan
CEO - Kineto Information Technology